The Elder Scrolls MMO Wishlist

Elder Scrolls Mmo Release DateOk, it’s official, Bethesda might be working on an Elder Scrolls MMO, yay! Next question is what do we expect from an Elder Scrolls MMO?

Skill vs. Grinding – Guild Wars vs. WoW/Swtor

One of the best MMO on the market is Guild Wars. The game is free and requires a lot of skill and teamwork rather than daily grinding to be successful (obviously you can’t compare it to a FPS when it comes to skill). My question is, would a similar type work well for an Elder Scrolls MMO?

Key Elements Of The Elder Scrolls

One of the key elements of the Elder Scrolls series is probably the massive world that you can explore in any Elder Scrolls game. Point 1 for a successful MMO would be exploration. Another key element are guilds and missions. Also “interesting quests”, rather than dull “kill 10 monsters here and collect 10 items there” missions are critical.

What many people liked in Morrowind was the idea of obtaining a small fortress. So, I would definitely put housing on the wishlist, e.g. clan housing, clan castles, etc.

Let’s do a summary:

1. Step Exploration: Massive World
2. Step Advanced Guild System
3. Step Interesting Quests
4. Step Clan Housing
5. Step Horses (Ever Since Oblivion)
6. Step Instances (RIFT proves that this works well in MMO’s)
7. Step Dynamic Events Similar To Guild Wars 2

Elder Scrolls MMO vs. Co-Op Game

What else would you put on a wishlist? Let us know what you think about an Elder Scrolls MMO, would you rather prefer a co-op game that simply allows multiple players to play the game (up to 4 players)

Here’s what another user wrote:

Morrowind as an MMO? That would be wicked. Perhaps not with servers that are massive like Blizzard’s WoW, but what I found missing on the Elder Scrolls games was the interaction with other. Picking an NPC’s pockets or smacking them around like some lil bitch was really just … too easy. You could second guess an AI for before you can second guess the reactions of another player. And with these people who are poo-pooing the idea of Morrowind as an MMO … well, they can simply go away and leave the entertainment and enjoyment to us. :)

For further comments, you can read our article Elder Scrolls Morrowind MMO

Published: Saturday, March 17th, 2012 Last Modified: March 17, 2012

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