The Crew will be the biggest game ever made – literally!

Way back In E3 2012 Ubisoft outed The Crew as the biggest gamer to be ever made. Many laughed of this remark as hyperbole but it is in fact Ubisoft who might have the last laugh with one of the most ambitious racing games to be ever developed.

The Crew will have 10,000 km of road

That’s right. Ivory Tower COO Ahmed Boukhelifa has stated that the game will have over 10,000 km of road. Right now we cannot think of any game that comes close to that sort of size so the biggest game ever claim has now at least a little foundation!


The game’s world will be divided into five separate regions that will become available as players progress through the game along with the familiar car upgrades and new gameplay features that nearly every racing game incorporates.

Not every racing game will do it like The Crew however.

Open world racing to be key aspect of The Crew

When describing creating the games open world Boukhelifa thinks the development team have come up trumps and got the perfect size.


“We thought ‘big’, because we want this exploration, we want to be capable of crossing the desert, but not to be too big for the experience that was there. So you are always one minute away from a challenge, a mission. So the size we have today, I think, is the perfect fit and balance for the game we wanted to do”.

The game will be have MMO elements such as drop-in and drop out multiplayer but the way the servers work is going to bring a unique twist to the format .

The Crew will have NO player limit

Without getting in too much technical detail at this time – mainly because we do not understand how it really works at the moment – the game will have no limit to players in one session.


Yep, that means that amount of drivers is unlimited and is unrestrained by the servers used for the MMO features. Boukhelifa described how it works a bit more elegantly during the E3 demo.

“The way we work is we split, technically speaking, the area around you is peer-to-peer, all the MMO services, they come from the server. Those MMO services can manage for everyone in the world from a selection of localised servers and those servers network together,” he said.

Ubisoft say The Crew will “change the status quo” of driving games when released next year”

Ubisoft expect The Crew to blur the lines between single player,multiplayer and co-op in a way that is only possible on next gen hardware. At the unveil the demo featured on racer in an illegal street race ,the other racing a time trial, some other driver facing off against a ghost and the final driver calling up the three to take part in a co-op mission in Miami.


The game will be available on both the Xbox One and PS4 alongside a PC version early next year.

Published: Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 Last Modified: June 26, 2013

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