The Bunker: First Major Live Action Video Game Filmed In Real Life Nuclear Bunker In UK

If VR wasn’t enough for you, here’s a teaser for the first major live action game “The Bunker”.

Someone who’s been following both the game and movie industry for a while will surely notice how games become more and more like interactive movies, but The Bunker shows it’s also possible the other way around: Turning a movie into a live action game. Filmed in Essex, this live action game is a novel type of game and a pretty scary one at that.

About The Bunker

The Bunker is a completely live action experience with zero computer generated effects, filmed on location in a real government nuclear bunker located in Essex, England. Players will guide John through the bunker, solving puzzles, uncovering secrets and triggering flashbacks to reveal the terrifying mysteries of The Bunker.

The Bunker The Game 2016.Jpg

Dai Banner, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Wales Interactive said “Our collaboration with Splendy Games has grown from our first meeting at Gamescom Cologne, where they showed us an early concept of The Bunker. I was sold there and then; I loved the superb writing, art direction and high production values. Being involved with the development and being the console publishers is a huge privilege for us and we look forward to working together for the release later this year.“

Published: Saturday, April 9th, 2016 Last Modified: April 9, 2016

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