The Amazing Spiderman Trailers Goes Live, Demo Previewed, Available For Preorder

The Amazing Spiderman Trailer
The Amazing Spiderman trailer goes live, the new fighting system will be similar to Batman: Arkham City

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The Amazing Spiderman Game Approx Release Date: June 2012

The Amazing Spiderman’s trailer shows our Friendly Neighbourhood superhero feeling awfully familiar

The Amazing Spiderman movie is releasing this summer, along with a tie-in game. Movie tie-ins have a long history of being rushed titles with short development cycles, however, the Amazing Spiderman game could change that.

The trailer, which went live this week, doesn’t really show much of where the game will take place apart from in New York, as we see Spider-Man swinging through the city, but see for yourself:

We also see Spider-Man performing his usual array of combos – wrapping up villains and knocking them around the environment before they can even react. The trailer also shows a brief glimpse of a key rival in the game: Iguana.

IGN talked about their impressions from the demo. Along with showing the outside world as seen in the trailer, the demo went indoors.

Indoors Spider-Man has a new power: web rush. This allows our hero to hang from the ceiling and perform stealth takedowns. Enemies can spot Spider-Man, with a colour indicator showing how aware they are of the player.

There are also similarities to Batman: Arkham City in the way the combat performs. Players can launch Spider-Man into enemies, much like the glide move in Arkham City, which also has a multiplier counter and dodge attacks. Spider-Man’s suit also degrades over time if players continually take damage.

IGN also confirmed that there will be two antagonists players will have to deal with in the game: Rhino, along with the Iguana as seen in the trailer.

The footage of New York was also suggested to be open world, seeing Spider-Man once again being able to go anywhere. The write up suggests that it bears a striking resemblance to the Times Square found in Prototype. There is also a new camera angle that adds to the experience of swinging around as Spider-Man, staying right behind him.

Spider-Man can now also slow down time, allowing players to make decisions of where they want to move to, which will display a yellow icon of where Spider-Man will go. In the demo, Spider-Man moved from a rooftop to a lampost with the player moving Spider-Man.

The Amazing Spider man is coming this June.

Published: Wednesday, March 14th, 2012 Last Modified: March 14, 2012

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