Terraria Windows 7 Theme

After the Minecraft hype, there’s now Terraria. If you like Terraria more than Minecraft, you should download our Terraria Windows 7 Theme with a few nice wallpapers.

Terraria Wallpaper and Windows 7 Themes

Terraria was released back on May 16th 2011. On the first day alone it sold 50k+ copies – it even managed to become the most-sold Steam games on one day.

If you like Minecraft, you will surely like Terraria!

Terraria Wallpaper By Alyxandor

Alyxandor (http://alyxandor.tumblr.com/) created 3 very cool Terraria wallpapers:

Terraria Wallpaper 2

Terraria Wallpaper 3

Terraria Wallpaper 4

Terraria Wallpaper By Eltu

Eltu from Deviantart created the following awesome Terraria wallpaper:
Terraria Wallpaper 1

Terraria Windows 7 Theme

Terraria Windows 7 Theme

Download Terraria Windows 7 Theme

We’ll make sure to upload more Terraria Windows 7 themes and wallpaper shortly.

If you have any ideas for cool wallpapers or themes, let us know!

Published: Wednesday, August 17th, 2011 Last Modified: September 11, 2012

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