TechEd: Upgrade Policies for Windows 8.1 Announced

During the last day of TechEd in New Orleans, Microsoft discussed the various upgrade paths for users who are looking to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 8.1. In these details, users will soon be given the option to update to Windows 8.1.

On Wednesday, Microsoft went into a number of details regarding the various upgrade and beta path upgrades for consumer and enterprise users who want to upgrade to Windows 8.1 later this year. The public preview is planned for release on June 26th, and a number of options will be available for users to try it out.

Microsoft Announces Upgrade Policies for Windows 8.1

Windows Store Updates For Users

According to Microsoft’s announcement at TechEd, Windows 8 and Windows RT users will receive an update notification when the Windows 8.1 preview is available to them to users. With this Windows Store update, users will see new store additions and testers can decide whether or not they want to update at that time. As the final code is done, the preview users will get their data saved as they then update to the final code of Windows 8.1. Of course, if users want to go back to Windows 8, they can reinstall those apps at that time.

No Reinstallation Required For Non Preview Users

With users who choose not to go on the preview path of Windows 8.1 later this month, Microsoft stated that they can go from Windows 8 or Windows RT directly to Windows 8.1 without having to reinstall any of their apps. All settings and info will be maintained and that will be a welcome sign to Windows users.

Microsoft iterated that the update path of going from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 should be easier than most other upgrades that Microsoft users have done recently. The ways in which the apps, settings, and data is maintained by Windows will keep users happier than previous upgrades done in the past.

In addition, the total disk space used by the Windows 8.1 upgrade should be less than expected as well. Users according to Michael Niehaus at TechEd, users should save 4GB of space for the upgrade and that the Windows 8.1 installation won’t replace the recovery partition that was previously installed in Windows 8. Overall, users should see the upgrade path of going from Windows 8 to 8.1 somewhat easy, their data and apps maintained without loss, and easily available in the Windows Store later this month.

Published: Thursday, June 6th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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