Tapose Bring Microsoft’s Courier iPad Design Back to Life With New App

Tapose Microsoft Courier Ipad DesignA new development team is working on an app similar to Microsoft’s Courier tablet with enhanced drag-and-drop features, first coming to the iPad

Microsoft’s Courier tablet was a fascinating idea that got killed with J Allard left the company, but is now emerged with a new development team

Remember the Microsoft Courier? We do, and we loved it. It allows user to drag-and-drop content into pages, but got killed with the brains behind the idea – J Allard – left the company. Now, the project has been revitalised with the help of Tapose and flavour-of-the-month Kickstarter.

The original Kickstater project ran until May 22, 2011 with the target of $10,000 of funding needed. That was broken more than twice over, with the eventual amount of funding coming in at $26,561.

In case you didn’t here about the courier, Tapose outline what functionality is returning in their project in the split interface:

1. Step Drag and drop from Safari; drag addresses from Maps for directions; Drag contacts to share
2. Step Finish calculations in Tapose, full screen support

In the Middle Separation Bar, there is:

1. Step Place images, sticky notes, maps into the MSB which acts as a temporary as a temporary holder
2. Step Easy movement between pages and collections
3. Step Slide to adjust view sizes

iBook rival

Tapose also has the ability to create books:

“It appears as a physical book … It will provide functions such as font formatting, free drawer, eraser” and more. The post outlines that users have the ability to do “everything.”

The developers also outlined their goal for the project, which is to “create and release Tapose to the tablet world.” While the iPad is the first device to get it, other tablets will be considered “if we exceed the goal funding” (and they did).

Legitimising the cost, the two developers – Rick and Benjamin – needed the money to take time off works and have running costs. More money also meant a better app.

In terms of funding, here’s a brief breakdown:

  •  $35: digital download of the app, plus a download for a “keepsake” book with charters development
  •  $60: the above, plus a stylus
  •  $250: the above, plus a hardcover keepsake book chartering development
  •  $1,500: aniPad 2 with “Tapose Backer” engraved on
  •  $5,000: have the Tapose tutorial named after you
  •  $10,000: access profit sharing

Source: Kickstarter

Published: Wednesday, March 28th, 2012 Last Modified: April 27, 2014

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