Talking About Guild Wars 2: Sylvari Story, Vistas, Ranger Class

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The third, and final, Guild Wars 2 beta weekend finished last week. Touched on yesterday, here’s a more in-depth conclusion as we move towards launch.

We take a look at what happened during the final Guild Wars 2 beta weekend, as the August 28 launch approaches

Guild Wars 2’s third and final beta weekend ran from June 20-22, introducing the sylvari and asura races notably. It was an exciting weekend, because players know the launch is approaching, and we played the final beta weekend.

Sylvari, asura

As mentioned, ArenaNet enabled players to create sylvari and asura characters. Playing both, my favorite was the sylvari. The reason for that is because I just felt a greater desire to explore the starting area; I played the asura and, while the dialogue is legitimately funny, the starting zone and personal story felt boring. I guess chasing rogue robots isn’t something I want to do in my personal story.

The sylvari personal story, without going into spoilers, is fantastical and therefore more interesting. I went into the final beta weekend waiting to hate the sylvari, because I thought it would be the cool race that the kids played. It was popular, but not disproportionately to other races such as the norn, which I played briefly. So perhaps that’s an endorsement into all the races from ArenaNet, even if I think humans are completely unoriginal.

I Love Exploration


Seemingly a minor feature for the third beta weekend, Vista are basically points of interest (not to be confused with the actual Points of Interest across the world) that do a fly-by of the environment when discovered. Getting to a Vista isn’t easy: they’re hidden, and jumping puzzles are precise. Again, when playing the sylvari this proved to be another incentive to explore the world.


I also played a different class compared to previous betas: the Ranger. Coming into this beta weekend, the Engineer was my favorite class. It was because the range and range of weapons – laying mines to stick enemies into place, for example – seemed unique. Ranger brought the ranger combat, and using a Longbow I could deal good damage at long distance while fixing enemies into place. If enemies get too close, I switched to my two-handed Greatsword and got loads of damage.

Published: Thursday, July 26th, 2012 Last Modified: July 26, 2012

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