Taking a Look at Sony’s E3 Conference: God of War 4 and The Last Of Us

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Sony’s conference was second at E3, and was probably the best of the worst. God of War 4 and The Last Of Us are two mega hits coming in 2013

Wonderbook aside, Sony’s game looks stellar and the hits of 2013. Here’s why

Following Microsoft’s focus on non-game software for the most part, Sony was the opposite. We saw games such as The Last of Us and God of War: Ascension, and they looked like the hits of 2013.

First, The Last of Us. Naughty Dog has been teasing the title, getting the GameInformer cover and showing the press a preview of the game. The demo we saw at E3 definitely focused on the action focus players can take, with the steal-centric gameplay showed to the press behind closed doors disappointingly.

The demo began with Joel and Ellie, the two main protagonists, in a ruined city. What seems to be a road was now drowned in water and overgrown, suggested the epidemic has been happening for a while, and the two proceeded to move towards a ruined hotel. Immediately we got to see how players can interact with environment – a movie poster, for example – though the player decided to ignore opportunities. These seems to be trigger conversation between Joel and Ellie, emphasizing the relationship between the two.

As the two moved into the hotel and towards the rooms, survivors were seen. They didn’t engage immediately, staying behind as the scavengers searched for leftover content. The developers revealed that if items are taken, the only way to get them is by killing them. And that’s what the demo showed, strangling an enemy from behind and taking the ammo. When shooting the enemies, what I noticed was how realistic the animations are. There’s no super accurate shooting; instead, a huge amount of recoil after firing. As Joel moved forward, we saw melee combat and wrestling with enemies to steal weapons before making moral decisions such as shooting someone in the face.

Other Games

Other games we saw were God of War: Ascension and the Move title Wonderbook. The latter was a disaster, failing mid-conference despite the demo player keeping her cool. Call of Duty: Declassified for the Vita was announced, rumored to be missing missions from Black Ops, and the Heavy Rain-esque Beyond featuring Ellen Page. We didn’t see gameplay, instead a movie sequence which looked incredibly realistic.

Published: Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 Last Modified: June 12, 2012

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