Take Notepad To Next Level With Nextpad On Windows 10

Notepad editors started out on Windows with just a simple Notepad app, and have grown into more powerful apps as Windows has evolved. People want to do more with it, and for them, Nextpad is the latest and greatest notepad app for Windows 10.

The Nextpad app on Windows 10 is a relatively new release, and is totally free to download and use. It is a powerful notepad editor and viewer for Windows 10 users, and harnesses the powers of Windows 10 for Notepad fans.

Notepad Users Rejoice With Nextpad's Advanced Features On Windows 10

Fast and Responsive

The first thing that you will notice with Nextpad, is the way it handles multiple files. Traditional notepad apps have a way to not handle them efficiently, but Nextpad made it a top priority to handle them with speed & ease.

The Nextpad app supports text file formats of all types, and that makes it able to be used by any notepad user. Users can use multipe tabs to manage multiple documents, it supports text to speech, and has pick up features to keep you off where you left.

Multiple Window Support Featured In Nextpad Notepad App On Windows 10

Nextpad Features

With Nextpad, you can take almost any text file, and edit it, create with it, or view it. You can have your document read to you if needed, and it supports vast editing options like bold, italic, subscript, and much more.

It supports find and replacing words, is feature ready with Continuum support, and comes with support for multiple themes, including light and dark. It is constantly being updated as well, and that makes Nextpad a great download for any Windows 10 notepad lover.

Try Nextpad for Windows 10 right now. If you use Notepad now, take Nextpad to the next level.

Published: Tuesday, June 28th, 2016 Last Modified: June 28, 2016

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