Tag Friends When Searching With Bing, If You’re That Bothered About Social Networks

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Microsoft has announced on the Bing blog that users can now tag up to five friends in a search query. The feature is customary on Facebook where users can type in friends names when creating and event or uploading a photo, for example.

Yes, searching alone is no more! Microsoft allows you to tag friends when searching, but it’s apparently a feature we always wanted

Microsoft has been building a better Bing, its search engine and rival to Google, quite a lot recently. Notably, U.S. users got a sidebar with links to Twitter users and Facebook friends related to search queries. Now there’s the option to, effectively, tag friends in searches.

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It’s as simple as typing a question or comment into the sidebar and type the name of a friend you want to tag. Up to five friends can be tagged, and the friends will be notified when the post goes live. It’s not clear whether the search query just shows the keywords, or shows the page and search results.

It’s actually very similar to Facebook, almost like you’re publishing a status update. There’s also a Friends Who Might Know features, with a selection from your friends list, and a People Who Might Know features. Presumably the latter pulls from Twitter followers, which can be tweeted. Whether the people respond is another matter entirely. There also seems to be the option to add friends on Facebook.


Microsoft seems to think the the advantage of tagging people is you know what they know, so issues should be resolved pretty quickly. So the age of Googling has made way for age of Tagging (or not).

Though Microsoft is rolling out interesting features. Google shows your location – apparently I’m in London, which is wrong – and the option to filter out time results by months, week, days or hours and by various categories such as searches with images and pages not visited. It’s information the casual user probably doesn’t even know about, because ultimately they want to get a search query answered as quickly as possible. That’s where Bing isn’t quite matching Google.

The tagging features seems to be rolling out now, just head to Bing.com. It doesn’t seem to be available for users in the UK.

Published: Tuesday, July 31st, 2012 Last Modified: July 31, 2012

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