Tackle Solitare With Microsoft’s Solitare Collection On Windows 10

Ever since the initial launch of Windows, one of the most popular games on it has been Solitaire. It was popular since it was one of the earliest games, but it’s evolved greatly since the early days. Now, a Windows 10 version makes Solitaire a lot more fun.

The Windows 10 version of Microsoft’s Solitaire Collection is by far the best Solitaire game on the market. It has been updated greatly since the initial launch, and features a ton of ways to enjoy playing Solitaire while alone or with others.

Microsoft Updates Solitaire Collection On Windows 10

Lots Of Games Included

With the Microsoft Solitaire Colletion, users are getting a number of Solitaire games for WIndows 10. It’s been around for over 25 years on the Windows ecosystem, and it only takes seconds for people to start learning and playing.

Games included are Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, TriPeaks, Pyramid, and much more. The Microsoft Solitaire Collection gives users these games to mix up the average solitaire game, and give them amazing new challenges to enjoy, and ways to enjoy playing Solitaire.

Take On Exciting Solitaire Games On Windows 10

Daily Challenges & More

With this updated Solitare Collection, users can receive new challenges daily, and compete in challenges over a month to earn badgets. They are also able to join a Star Club, that allows them to collect stars while playing and join the club.

Different themes are available aswell, and these make the Solitaire games much more enjoyable. Xbox Live Integration is also included with this version, and this allows users to earn achievements, join leaderboards, and track progress across devices.

If you love Solitaire try this one out. It’s a ton of fun, and worth the download from the Windows Store.



Published: Monday, May 16th, 2016 Last Modified: May 16, 2016

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