Tablets Continue To Rise In Popularity As App Usage On Platform Grows

Tablet Apps Usage And Spending_thumb A recent survey revealed survey app usage across mobile platforms among 1,000 respondents.

To no surprise, tablets are becoming the de facto device for mobile usage

Tablet Apps Usage And Spending

It’s clear that tablets are becoming the popular mobile form factor. Despite Apple’s iPad being criticized due to being a pointless device, sitting inbetween the PC and smartphone, during its debut the form factor provides an interesting hybrid. Along with that platform becoming more popular, the survey also revealed users continue to downloads app.

Across the 1,000 consumers surveyed it was revealed three out of four consumer own an app-capable device, and users have download at least one app. The remaining third of users plan to download app in the coming six months. Basically, every user owning an app-capable device will download an app.

The survey also revealed 90 percent of app cost less than $3, confirming the already known feeling that mobile platforms are cheaper yet high in quality. It’s an interesting comparison to gaming, particularly, with retail titles moving towards $60 RRP with the launch of Wii U titles.

Hints Towards Tablet Future

It was also revealed 62 percent of user own a smart mobile device, 47 percent use mobile apps, and 24 percent have paid for an app. The device share is thus: 81 percent use a smartphone, 45 percent use tablets, with 32 percent owning an e-reader. The survey notes tablets are moving into mass circulation. With Windows 8 arriving this October, we’re going to see a huge influx.

The tablets rise is furthered by the fact apps are becoming more popular on the platform. On The app usage on tablets is reaching parity with smartphone: 69 percent of apps are used on tablets, with 79 percent of smartphones. Considering many users will use a tablet instead of a laptop it shouldn’t be a surprise. Smartphones are probably used when away from home.

The survey mentioned cost and a lack of understanding as the two barriers for entry into app adoption. Though for used who do understand, entertainment and productivity apps are the most popular. Given the popularity of mobile gaming this shouldn’t be a surprise.

Published: Wednesday, September 19th, 2012 Last Modified: September 19, 2012

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