System Builder Could Replace Retail Versions Of Regular Windows 8

System Builder If you’re planning of buying Windows 8 at retail then you’re may need to be quick. A report from PCWorld suggest the System Builder version of Microsoft’s upcoming operating system will replace full editions at retail.


One license and you’re out: Windows 8 System Builder could be the de facto retail product

The impression is Windows 8 Pro and RT will be available in retail stores and digitally from October 26. However, that may not be the case for long as System Builder for Windows 8 could replace the Pro and RT versions in retail stores.

According to PCWorld at least. It suggest System Builder will be available at retail for cheaper than Windows 8 Pro and RT, though isn’t upgradeable like the latter. Microsoft did not confirmed pricing but PCWorld added it could be around $100, up to $40 cheaper than full versions of Windows.

Windows 8 System Builder.png

The different with System Builder is you’re getting a one-time use: the machine you installed Windows 8 on is the system. If you’re using Windows Pro, for example, switching components in a computer save a gutting it will allow continued use. I used Windows 7 on my MacBook Pro via Boot Camp and the same edition on my build PC, surprisingly.

Nothing Surprising, But Piracy Is Still A Big Issue

Microsoft made the release candidate of Windows 8 available to developers and IT organizations to boost app support and, probably, to encourage adoption come October. Windows is the most popular operating system in the world so there are ingredients to succeed.

PCWorld made the suggestion the introduced of System Builder at retail is to reduce piracy. It will be harder to redistribute digital downloads of software due to the lack of a physical form. It’s like being unable to share Xbox Live or PlayStation Network titles, though I imagine piracy continues to take place.

We’ll see what the demand for Windows 8 is like online when it launches. No doubt servers will be bombarded, and struggle, on October 26. Ordering online might be the better bet; Apple’s Mac OS X releases are digital-only and the servers seem to do fine. Granted Windows 8 will have considerably more simultaneous digital downloads than Mountain Lion, but the point still stands.

Published: Friday, September 21st, 2012 Last Modified: September 22, 2012

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