Symantec Promises Windows 8 Support For Norton 360 V.60

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Version 6.0. of the popular security suite Norton 360 by Symantec will apparently be ready for Windows 8 Consumer Preview [beta] release when the OS comes out, said the company earlier this week.

Current Norton 360 Suite Is Windows 8 Ready, Says Symantec

According to an official statement released earlier this week, the recently released Norton 360 version 6.0 is already compatible with Windows 8 Consumer Preview release that is coming up on the last day of this month. The company apparently is on a priority schedule to release compatibility updates as soon as Windows 8 Consumer Preview is released. The company has promised to maintain compatibility throughout every build that the Consumer Preview goes through on its way to the final Commercial release.

The new version of Norton 360 was released just some time back. Other than the promise of supporting Windows 8 right at the launch, it also features better resource management that makes it more efficient and less of a burden on the machine. It also comes with a metering system for monitoring bandwidth. The latest version features a new cloud sync option for its Identity Safe feature, which is the feature name for a secure storage option within the suite that stores sensitive information like passwords.

Symantec has also released a new premium version of the suite called the Norton One. The only difference seems to be better support from the company with a promise of less than 2minutes hold time on telephone support. The Norton 360 has two versions at the moment — a 3 pc license version with 2GB online storage for $89 and a 6 PC license with 25GB online storage for $99. It looks like Symantec is not much for subtlety when it comes to pricing.

Published: Saturday, February 18th, 2012 Last Modified: February 18, 2012

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