EA-SWTOR: 500,000 Subscribers And We’re Profitable

During a quarterly earnings call, EA stated that SWTOR will be profitable when they reach 500,000 subscribers. This is a ridiculous low number and is great news for all Star Wars fans, because that means they don’t need a lot of subscribers to support SWTOR for the next 10 years.

SWTOR subscription cost

I’m talking about 10 years, because EA specifically stated that they have a 10-year plan for SWTOR.

John Riccitiello about SWTOR: (taken from yesterday’s earning call)

The second thing that I would tell you is that the game is looking very good. A number of you will have seen it in a variety of our consumer shows. It’s only gotten stronger. We feel very good about the title. We’re currently testing it with a large-scale consumer testing but not sort of the beta scale level in the coming months. Source

Eric Brown About SWTOR Subscription Model

Right now, we’re quite focused on subscription in the PC space at the upcoming Star Wars MMO

This also confirms the very obvious that EA plans to add a monthly subscription to the game. The subscription fee will supposedly be around $15 for 30 days, the industry standard for MMO games. However, there is no conformation of that and this is purely speculation.

EA head John Riccitiello further goes on to say that they’re aiming for 1 million subscribers. (In comparison, World of Warcraft has about 12 million subscribers). After all the hype about the game, I think this will be really easy to achieve, because the game already has an awesome community over at swtor.com

An open beta is planned for the next months. Bioware is currently doing large-scale internal closed beta tests, but soon you’ll be able to give the game a try yourself when they’re inviting thousands of players to the beta test.

Published: Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011 Last Modified: February 2, 2011

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