SWOTR introduces Legacy system

Star Wars: The Old Republic has recently received an update which introduces the new Legacy system.
SWTOR Legacy Unlock Screen

James Ohlen posted more information about the new system and explained a bit about the benefits of using this legacy system. The concept seems to have been built upon the dynamics of the Skywalker family which is quite prominent in the Star Wars Universe.

According to Ohlen, the legacy system has been created so that gamers can create different characters belonging to the same family. Many players were happy to hear about this new development as it further enriches the role-playing gameplay of SWTOR. It is very beneficial for family members who play the game as they can create characters having the same legacy and thus it becomes easier for them to identify their characters. He also revealed that more patches and updates will be released later on that will incorporate additional features into the Legacy system.

The player needs to finish the Chapter 1 in SWTOR before they can get the option to create a Last Name for their Legacy. One has to create a unique Legacy Last Name which will then be applicable to all the other characters on a particular server. After unlocking the Legacy mode your characters can earn Legacy EXP points which will allow you to level up your Legacy level.

Player opinions on Legacy system

Many gamers welcome this new Legacy feature as it unlocks new possibilities for SWTOR. If you see characters with the same legacy name they must be being played by the same person. However some gamers feel that there should be an option to detach the Last Name from Legacy functionality. It doesn’t make sense for all of your characters of different species and origins to have the same last name. Most players wish to have the freedom to use whatever last name they want. There are other doubts which are also being expressed by players regarding characters on different servers.
This feature will make it easier for people to identify their character from others. The Legacy system is still in the initial stages and a number of new features are supposed to be in pipeline. It is clearly a big step forward in improving the game experience for SWTOR fans.

Published: Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011 Last Modified: April 15, 2014

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