Switch From Gmail To Outlook Easier Than Before

On Wednesday, Microsoft took another stab at Google and its Gmail service with a new online tool that will allow users to switch from Gmail to Outlook with ease. The new service allows users to import their Gmail account to Outlook.com, and should be live to users soon.

The new online tool from Microsoft is aimed to help those looking for advertising free and snooping free email services like Gmail. The tool will give users less ads, advanced spam filters, and less frustration while using email, and should please many who spend hours in their email programs.

Microsoft Gives Gmail Users Reasons To Switch To Outlook.com

Frustrations With Gmail

In its blog post on Wednesday, Microsoft highlighted the many reasons why people are switching from Gmail to Outlook.com. The personal and modern style of Outlook.com is giving users a clean experience with advanced online tools to manage their emails. The tools will give those who use email, a better way to use it with Outlook.com.

The survey done by Microsoft with Ipsos, showed that one in four users would switch if they could. Users found that the advertising experiences and the intrusion into their email experiences with Gmail were top reasons to switch to Outlook.com. By connecting Gmail to Outlook.com with a few steps, users can migrate to Outlook.com today.

Migrate From Gmail To Outlook.com With Ease From Microsoft Today

How To Switch

In its tutorial posts, users will need to sign into the online tool developed by Microsoft, and then sign into their Outlook.com account. Then, users can sign into their Gmail account with the tool, and the tool will copy the users email into their Outlook.com email account. The tool will require access to their Gmail account which users can grant easily.

The tool will migrate all the users email from Gmail to Outlook.com, and not make any changes to the users Gmail accounts. The import process will then trigger a how to that will give users an email auto-forwarding process. With that, users will have all their Gmail account emails forward all their emails to the Outlook.com address. Mostly everything else occurs in the background for users, and an email will be sent to the users when done.

I use Outlook.com and Gmail, and prefer Outlook.com. It loads quicker, it has non-intrusive ads, and I will be switching with this tool soon.

Published: Thursday, December 12th, 2013 Last Modified: December 12, 2013

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