Sway Preview Expands To Include Improvements

One of the newest products released within the Office band of products in 2014, is Microsoft Sway. Sway has been available in a very limited preview so far this year, but on Monday, Microsoft announced the expansion of the Sway preview, plus feature improvements for all to enjoy.

Sway is more of a collaboration tool, and one that can be included in Office with users. It has been available for approximately 10 weeks, and over one million people have visted the pages, and had 175,000 requests to join. This means that the public wants Sway, and Sway is now here to try.

Microsoft Updates Sway With Text Editing and Bullet/Numbering Features

What Is Sway?

Sway is kind of hard to describe at first, but its a brand new tool from Microsoft, that allows for sharing of ideas in all new ways. It allows users to share information, ideas, and collaborative efforts on any broser, tablet, or mobile device. It gives users a blank canvas, and unlimited ways to show it off.

Users are able to add any type of content to their Sway presentation, and this allows for audio, video, and content from any source to be shared with others. It has tight integration with OneDrive as well, and has excellent formatting options to allow for awesome presentations to be viewed and shared.

Microsoft Gives Users Ways To Drag Sections Of Text and Images In Sway Update

Improvements To Sway

Sway has been improved as well, and one improvement is the inclusion of undo and redo. This allows for users to undo and redo with just one button, labeled Remix!. Bullets and numbering have been added to the text tool bar, which is at the top of the storyline. This means formatting will look a lot better in Sway presentations.

Users can also now edit paragraphs of text from the canvas, and do it in a very simple way. By just clicking Edit, they can make edits with ease. Users can reorder sections easier with a drag and drop feature, and that should make for easier organization. Lastly, users can also import PDF’s directly into Sway presentations for easier business presentations. Color pickers and a launch in Australia for Sway on the iPhone has also been done.

Sway is a unique tool for presentation and sharing. I’ve tried it out, and still am trying it out to gauge a final opinion on it, honestly.

Published: Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 Last Modified: December 16, 2014

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