Sway Launches To Share Ideas On The Web

Among the various programs that Microsoft shows off during the year, the Office suite of products is usually the hottest set of products that most users pay atttention to. On Tuesday, following the Winodws 10 news, Microsoft announced Sway, a stealth program that shows off sharing ideas.

When you want to share an idea or thought on the web or with colleagues, it is never an idea task. There aren’t a ton of programs out there that show off your thinking progress or tools. Sway, announced from Microsoft is trying to change that, and does a good job to help users share ideas with others.

Microsoft Launches Sway To Show Off Idea Sharing And More

How Sway Works

Sway is a brand new concept from Microsoft, and it allows users to just type and add content. A user will have a blank canvass where they can type, and then pull in ideas from various online sources, like OneDrive, YouTube, Facebook, and others. Then, Sway will visually organize the content and ideeas, and show it off in various layouts.

The idea of organizaing ideas like this is pretty new, and gamechanging. It allows for visual thinking outside the box, and allows users to think of a product, then pull in content about that product, then pull in videos about it, and letting the program organize it will help both individuals and business professionals collaborate easier.

Microsoft's Sway Shows Off Collaboration And Sharing Tools

Updates Coming Often

One thing that Microsoft is stating is that Sway will be updated often and will be changing along with users wants. Its a changing program and a new concept, and Microsoft is eagerly listening to users opinions on the program. There are mobile versions of the program coming, but the web version is the first to launch for all to immediately use.

How much Sway will interact with Office 365 and the other Microosft product lines is unknown, but for now, its a separate program being offered for free from the company. It’s a way to share ideas, collaborate, and express thoughts, and one that is getting a lot of attention quickly. It will be interesting to see how well it takes off, what changes come, and how users like it.

I tried it out and Sway is interesting. I’m not totally sold on it, but its getting my attention though.

Published: Thursday, October 2nd, 2014 Last Modified: October 2, 2014

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