Sway App Gets My Sway Page Addition On Windows 10

The Microsoft Sway app has gained a lot of users ever since the launch of the app, and the digital storytelling app has improved as well. It’s got a lot of people intersted in it, and on Windows 10, it has gained a My Sway page for Windows 10.

With the Sway app for Windows 10 supporting over 13 languages and accessibility features, it has made awesome improvements. It’s latest updates give users a lot of new features, and also fixes some that were updated in the past.

Microsoft Improves Sway App On Windows

My Sways & Maximized Storyline

The first thing that Sway users on Windows 10 will see, is a new redesigned My Sway page. Microsoft has made it easier to find your Sways within the app, and users can also view featured Sways a lot easier. This improves the usability of the Sway app.

Secondly, users get a maximized storyline experience. Users can hide the preview pane for a more focused editing experience. This was a major feature request from Sway fans, and users can edit their Sways easier and without distractions.

Microsoft Sway Presents Stories In New Ways On Windows 10

Accessibility Support & Bug Fixes

With Microsoft really improving the accessibility features of the app, latest updates improve on it. Microsoft has improved the screen reader, given it a higher contrast, keyboard support, and added a accessibility checker that flags alt text and hyperlink issues.

Lastly, Microsoft has gone through the app, and squashed a number of bugs that users were reporting back to them via social media and Feedback channels across the web. This improves the app, and gives users a lot of stablility on Windows 10.

If you haven’t tried Sway you should. It’s a beautiful storytelling app, and one app that everyone in the family can use.

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Published: Thursday, August 11th, 2016 Last Modified: August 11, 2016

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