Sway Adds OneDrive For Business Support

We have talked about Sway in various articles on the site, and users have either tried it, heard about it, or just haven’t had the chance to try it. As it officially launched in August, it has gained new features, which became more public on Thursday.

Sway is an amazing tool to show off projects and to show off multimedia presentations to users, educators, teachers, or anyone really. The new features are meant for business users at first, but the additional mobile updates make Sway easier to use on the go.

Microsoft Adds OneDrive For Business Support To Sway

OneDrive For Business Support

One area that Sway is getting a lot of usage, is the enterprise. Microsoft realizes this, and on Thursday enabled support for OneDrive for Business. Users can sign into their Sway.com or Sway for Windows account, and then be able to import images and anything into their Sway project.

This is very important for business users, as many use the OneDrive for Business cloud service, and keeping their media and images in the cloud, makes it easier for people to access them. Now with Sway support, users can create project, get their multimedia, and go on.

Microsoft Updates Sway For iPhone and iPad

Updates To iPhone and iPad

The Sway for iPhone and iPad app got a lot better on Thursday as well. Users can now make their Sways more interactive and dynamic on the go. They can use comparison, slide show, and grid group options to transform their Sway on the go, and choose layouts for presentations.

The edit and preview features have also been made faster with the updates. This will let users see any changes faster, and see if it works on their projects. Lastly, Microsoft fixed a problem with Sway for mobile, where several images couldn’t be added at once.

Sway got some nice updates on Thursday. OneDrive for Business support and mobile updates should get more professionals using it sooner.

Published: Sunday, October 11th, 2015 Last Modified: October 11, 2015

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