Survey Respondents Reveal Likes, Dislikes For Windows 8

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A survey for what’s claimed to be the world’s biggest Windows 8 forum asked posters their favorite operating system, and features in the upcoming platform.

Windows 8’s fast boot times are drawing praise among the most diehard of users

Windows 8 isn’t the end-all operating system some critics suggest. A survey among users on, covering 50,000 people, revealed 53 percent of people preferred Windows 7. Windows 8 came second, pipping XP, with 25 percent of the votes. Windows Vista, seemingly Other versions, took two percent.

Users were asked on Windows 8 features; fast boot time and shutdown took 56 percent of votes, Modern UI (or Metro) took 22 percent of votes. Similarly, the Charms bar took 15 percent of votes. Charms are context-sensitive functions depending on the app, accessed by swiping out from the right or moving the mouse to the area.

Price is also an issue for users, despite being cheaper than past releases: 35 percent of respondents saw it as concern. Upgrading to Windows 8 costs just $39.99 digitally/$69.99 at retail. The price will jump significantly to $199.99 in 2013 though.

The users were asked about using Windows 8 on a tablet. Surface was preferred by 35 percent; Android took 33 percent and iPad 26 percent, perhaps surprisingly. Smartphones operating systems were also polled, with similar results showing 29 percent preferred Windows Phone. iOS took 22 percent of votes.

Potential Is There, But Microsoft Needs To Deliver

The jury is obviously out on how Windows 8 will perform until it releases in October. Developer support is the issue for Microsoft and whether it can provide an accessible development platform with the financial incentives, whether upfront of in-app. Microsoft is chasing Apple and Google with iOS and Android, respectively. Alienating developers, or something similar, is an event Microsoft can’t let happen.

Equally, if developers did jump on the platform Windows Phone 8 could see a quick boost in terms. Microsoft would then be rivalling apple n terms of the smartphones and tablet platforms. With Windows being Windows, and undoubtedly seeing millions of users, Microsoft could ve very easily be a competitive player in the markets.

Windows 8 launches October 26. Surface may launch at midnight: Microsoft is holding a media-only event October 25.

Published: Monday, October 1st, 2012 Last Modified: October 1, 2012

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