Survey Finds iOS Still Holds Firm Tablet Market Grip, But Windows 8 Could Pose Threat

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As has been suggested here many times, Windows 8 could make a big push for tablets.

Early predictions put confidence in Microsoft’s bet to push Windows 8 to tablet with Metro

Microsoft has made a huge bet with Windows: the company has brought in a completely new UI to Windows, though it has been used on Windows Phone and the Xbox 360, and effectively puts two operating systems together in one. However, a survey says Microsoft could be making the right decision.

The survey comes from Sunnyvale, who provide mobile solutions for businesses and government agencies, found that the iPad dominated Android: 97.3 percent of activations versus 2.7 percent for Android. That’s incredibly poor for Android.

However, there’s good news for Windows: the survey said activation numbers will be affected by the launch of Windows 8 on tablets. We already know plenty of manufacturers are producing a wide variety of form factor, so consumers will have real choice against the iPad. The bigger question is can Microsoft provide a killer device, that runs the OS smoothly and produces great hardware. Metro definitely has the potential to appeal to new and experienced users, so it’s down to manufacturers in my opinion.

Pitching Windows 8 to businesses

The OS is expected to launch in October. Tim Cook criticised Microsoft this week for blending ecosystems, rather than providing separate experiences like Apple does with the iPad and iPhone versus OS X (though Lion started to bring the two together through features such as Launchpad).

The survey said most manufacturers are focusing on business integration. The survey said this was the right decision, as full-featured application is desired by consumers. Though of course, Microsoft has to pitch the Metro UI and Windows 8 a worthwhile platform for businesses. They could easily continue to use Windows 7, which will continue to be support after 2020.

Charles King, of Pund IT, said the iPad activation rates reflect the integration into businesses. However, he said Microsoft can offer better security than Apple and is ready to exploit any mistakes the tech giant makes.

I also think Microsoft needs to incentivise developers to Windows 8. The company has already shown the simplicity of porting apps from iOS to Windows 8.

Published: Friday, April 27th, 2012 Last Modified: April 27, 2012

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