Surprise! Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Gets Official Announcement Date Despite Being Leaked Already

Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Official AnnouncementFrom May 1, it’s Call of Duty Season. While watching the NBA! Black Ops 2 gets an official announcement

Call of Duty is now entering sports: Black Ops 2’s announcement will debut while NBA playoffs are on

Woah – a new Call of Duty title is coming. I never expected that. And it’s coming really soon, too, like May 1 soon. The only downside is you’re going to have to watch the NBA playoffs, and you’re not going to get to shoot people. Which sucks.

No, really, my mind isn’t blown. Though regardless of what I think, there’s apparently a market of people who are buying these games. So whether that leaked poster was fake or not, and whether those sort-of-cool game modes are real, could be revealed. Or maybe we’ll see split second flashing images where we can’t tell what’s going on but try to pay attention anyway.

Of course, you could just go and do some other stuff and come back later to find out what all the fuss about. Hopefully some other info won’t leak, because who would want to ruin the surprise?

Poster leaked, game modes detailed

Dubious or not, the leak of three game modes and a Black Ops 2 promotional poster is a good enough reason for the Call of Duty fanbase to go “This sucks!” and then buy the game anyway. But really, these game modes sound pretty terrible.

One of the game modes will apparently be called Equalizer, which moves players from one team to the other when they’re killed. It sounds like Zombies from Halo, only Zombies works because the whole point of the game is to survive. In Equalizer, players receive a power plant that allows players to changes weapons or equip items such as a Juggernaut suit for the team. The final two players automatically get a power plant.

Split Spawn was another mode. Players slide down from a helicopter to cap a flag that takes twice as long to cap as in a game of Domination. Blow the chopper up, and players can’t spawn.

The final game mode was Escort, where a player is escorted across three flags. Sort of like VIP from Halo 3, killing the player results in victory.

The poster had an orange “2.” That’s it.

Published: Wednesday, April 25th, 2012 Last Modified: June 27, 2014

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