Surface Tablet Sells Out: Device Release Date Pushed Back Three Weeks

Surface Tablet Sold Out Thumb2 Microsoft opened pre-orders for Surface, the company’s tablet-hybrid device, this week. A cheaper-than-iPad, price seems to be attracting consumers: the device sold out.

Surface popularity positive for Microsoft given strong, established, competition

The release date affects the $499 Surface, running Windows RT. The two more expensive models, with Microsoft’s Touch Cover, are stilling shipping on October 26. Rumors of pricing continued to circulated right up to Sufrace’s launch, including ludicrous rumours of a plus-$1,000 price point. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said a price between $200 and $400-500 is a good target; the company always maintained it would price competitively with the market. Considering the iPad is the leader, as high as $599 (the price of the 32GB iPad) had to be the limit. Pricing below the iPad at least gives consumes reasons to differentiate from the iPad.

Surface Tablet Sold Out

CNET reports users are going for the sans Touch Cover model, hence the revised shipping date. With the accessory the focus of Microsoft advertisements, it seems the emphasis is combing. The two products. The iPad proves users don’t need accessories to enjoy using a tablet.

How Will Microsoft Promote Surface If Expectations Are Succeeded?

Though paying over $100 for a click-on keyboard perhaps isn’t resonating with consumers. Apple’s. leather Smart Cover costs $69. Nevertheless, pushing back release dates is a common occurrence when Apple unveils a new product. This is good news for Microsoft as it looks to generates buzz around Windows 8.

It will also be interesting to see how Microsoft pushes the device post-launch, especially if popularity continues. Reports are Microsoft is conservative with its momentum behind Surface, leaving the bigger sales to third-party manufacturers.
Windows 8 launches October 26. Surface launches at midnight on October 25.

Published: Thursday, October 18th, 2012 Last Modified: October 18, 2012

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