Surface Tablet Pricing Confirmed, And It’s Cheaper Than The iPad

Microsoft Surface Tablet Pics Thumb After considerable speculation, Microsoft today confirmed pricing for its well received tablet-laptop hybrid Surface.

Microsoft Surface, running Windows RT, is launching October 26 and is confirmed to be retailing from $499, cheaper than the 32GB new iPad

Microsoft Surface Tablet Pics

The facts are thus: Surface RT, releasing October 26 alongside Windows 8, is $499 with 32GB of storage — the base model. The market leader, the iPad, costs $599 for a Wi-Fi only model with 32GB of storage. Pricing below the competition is important for Microsoft because consumers need to differentiate between Surface and iPad. Pricing on-par may have cause potential buyers to as why go with an unproven operating system and device. At least now that group can say they’re saving $100.

Surface Pro, running Windows Pro and supports Windows Store apps and those downloaded from the web, doesn’t launch for 90 days after Windows 8. February therefore is the approximate date.

Readers may remember the click-on covers Microsoft debuted alongside Surface at the latter’s announcement, centric to Surface’s debut advertisements, providing a super thin keyboard. The accessory will costs $120, a surprising price considering the manufacturing cost its likely to cost Microsoft. It will be interesting to see if third-party manufacturers can build keyboards and/or cases for the product.

Lower Price Combines With Impressive Design, Though Will Consumers Buy The Device?

The design is impressive, that’s under no doubt. The super thin form factor is a landmark iPad Feature, especially with the new iPad. Microsoft said it wanted to provide the benchmark for manufacturers as it seems to feel devices weren’t striking enough, though the company didn’t use the words specifically. Does the price see Microsoft leading by example? The answer is yes; pricing below the iPad is essential if devices are to sell due to the device’s strength. Does that mean airspace will sell well? Windows 8 needs to be successful if the answer is also yes.

Surface is available now for pre-order from Microsoft’s website and Microsoft Stores online in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, the U.S., and the UK. The regions will sell the device from October 26.
Windows 8 also launches October 26.

Published: Wednesday, October 17th, 2012 Last Modified: October 17, 2012

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