Surface RT Program Giveaway For Schools Launched

On Wednesday, Microsoft and Bing launched an innovative educational program for schools known as Bing For Schools. This program is aimed to give students Surface RT units that give kids a safer and ad-free environment, and is open to school administrators starting Wednesday.

The major idea behind Bing For Schools by Microsoft is to give children search results that they can use in the classroom. With this Bing Rewards credits can be earned using the Bing Search credits that they can convert into Surface RT tablets for their students.


Cleaner Search Results For Children

The Bing for Schools program give students search results that are free of advertisements, automatic strict filtering that blocks all adult content, and augmented privacy filters and protections. Some of the largest schools around the US have joined in Los Angeles Unified School District, Atlanta Public Schools, Fresno Unified School District, Detroit Country Day School, and others. Over 800,000 students will start using Bing this fall in their schools.

Schools Earning Surface RT Units

The Bing Rewards programs for schools help convert rewards into Surface RT units. By signing up 60 different students for the program, each school receives one Surface RT unit. Users outside of the school area can also signup for Bing Rewards and use Bing to earn credits for their favorite schools as well. Digital literacy is the goal with this program, and it should be a hit.

Redesigned Bing Home Page For Students

For students, the Bing Home page has been redone to help them learn more, and targeted pages have been designed to help those students. The free activities are aligned with Common Core standards, and will pose a critical thinking question that can be solved using Bing search tools.

Overall, Microsoft and Bing are creating safer tools for schools and giving students safer search results in the classroom. They are giving schools the ability to earn free Surface RT units, and giving students ways to use Bing and Microsoft more in the classroom this upcoming school year. This should help Microsoft get past Google and Apple in the classroom, and gain valuable search traffic for Bing in the upcoming school year as well.

Published: Monday, August 26th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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