Surface RT Cuts Official at $349

The rumors and speculations surrounding the Surface RT and the eventual price drops became official on Monday, with Microsoft officially dropping the price to $349 for the 32GB model. This price drop is sure to give customers and business users more reasons to pick up a Surface RT tablet quickly.

The price drop by Microsoft was initially noted only at Staples, but expanded to other retailers including Best Buy, and including the Microsoft Stores. The expansion of the price drop on Monday was also included in global markets as well. This drop is a sign of a future tablet or a price war ahead.

Surface RT Now $349 Globally

32GB Tablet $349

The price of a Surface RT Tablet at under $350 is very aggressively priced in the market, and will give it an edge versus iPad and other Android tablets. It has Microsoft Office preinstalled and gives users the ability to run Metro style apps on a tablet they can throw in their bags. At under $350, it also gives students a perfect tablet to use in the school months ahead.

Haswell Ahead? Maybe Not

Since Friday, many tech columns and punsters have argued whether or not this price drop is in reference to a Intel Haswell based Surface RT unit. Some say that it does signal a future, newer Surface RT is around the corner, and others are saying that it signals a fire sale by Microsoft. Others though, say that Microsoft is simply bargain cutting these units at a great price, and now getting it into the hands of many at a much cheaper price.

Is It Worth It For $349?

Some argue that the Surface RT for $349 isn’t worth it. Many though state that for the price, Microsoft is giving customers a Windows 8 Metro Style device with great power, the functionality of a tablet, and the ability to expand beyond with Windows 8.1. For the price, it is a great bargain. Spend another $100 and get the type pad and make it a fully usable tablet, or plug in a keyboard to it as well.

Anyway you look at it, Microsoft is selling the Surface RT at a great price, and giving customers a great tablet experience for $349. It gives people the ability to use Windows 8 on a smaller form factor and makes budget shoppers even happier for the price.

Published: Wednesday, July 17th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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