Surface Pro 3 Wi-Fi Fixes and Updates Rolled Out

The Surface Pro 3 has been a huge hit for Microsoft, but one of the biggest bugs that many users have issues with, concerns the Wi-Fi in the unit. Finally on Wednesday, Microsoft issued their latest set of fixes, that should once and for all fix these Wi-Fi bugs. Along with other bugs, it stabilizes the Surface Pro 3 into a power horse.

These latest group of fixes are about a week overdue, as Microsoft had been working on them to get them out sooner. They had solicited users and testers to ensure that they work, and on Wednesday delivered them. The bug fixes have been fixed according to most Surface Pro 3 users, and hopefully this means the issues can go away.

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 Gets Major Fixes On Wednesday

Pro UEFI Update and Home Buton Driver Updates

The first update that was issued was to resolve scenarios where the Surface Pro 3 would boot to a black screen if McAfee Defense Encryption 7.1.1 was installed. It optimizes the FWPOST time to 3.7 seconds with fast boot enabled, and also prevents situations where the system clock loses time and the battery goes below 3%.

Next up was the update to the Surface home button drivers. This update will help prevent times and scenarios where the device would be accidentally woken up from sleep with an accidental bump or stored and/or carried. This was a big bug that was killing battery life, and makes a huge improvement to the home buttons fixes.

Microsoft Issues Wi-Fi Fixes To Surface Pro 3 Units

Surface Pen Driver Updates and Wireless Network Updates

Third, the Surface Pen settings driver got an update. This also helps prevent the Surface Pro 3 from turning on after going to sleep after being stored or carried. The double click of the pen will still open OneNote up and get notes taken, but the device won’t be accidentally turned on with a bump of the pen.

Lastly, the Wireless Network Controller and Bluetooth driver got an update to v15.68.3066.135. This will allow for better connecting after waking from sleep, help ensuring that Infra scan isn’t empty after connecting to a WDA, and more. It will also drive the Surface Pro 3 to 5Ghz connections where both the 5Ghz and 2.4ghz is present.

These updates are big for the Surface Pro 3. I downloaded them and they fixed my SP3’s issues.

Published: Thursday, November 20th, 2014 Last Modified: November 20, 2014

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