Surface Pro 3 Recap and Reddit Chat For Tuesday

The Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft has hit the preorder stage for many consumers around the world, and reviews of the Surface Pro 3 are slowly coming in. With that, on Monday, Microsoft did a recap of the reviews plus is planning for a Reddit chat on Tuesday about the Surface.

Microsoft is recapping its Surface Pro 3 reviews is showing consumers that the Surface Pro 3 is getting better reviews than ever. Plus, with it putting a Reddit chat on for Tuesday, it is getting its executives in charge of the product in front of consumers for questions.

Microsoft Shows Off Surface Pro 3 With Reviews

Surface Pro 3 Review Recap

In many online reviews, Microsoft has shown that the Surface Pro 3 has gotten generally favorable reviews. Many online reviewers have praised the Surface Pro 3 for its advanced design, better chipset, faster speeds, and overall improvements. With its improvements though, the Surface Pro 3 is getting some negative reviews.

Battery power on the Surface Pro 3 is still the major negative on the Surface Pro 3, as it still doesn’t get the full battery life of a laptop that many want on it. With it having Windows 8.1 on it, it still is getting a lot of positive reviews for its ability to run more than just iPad type apps and such.

Microsoft Surface VP Panos Panay Does Reddit IAMA On Tuesday

Reddit Chat For Tuesday

With the Surface Pro 3 making its way across the world, Microsoft is putting Panos Panay who is in charge of the Surface line in front of Reddit for a IAMA chat. These types of IAMA chats are very personal, and allow executives to answer questions on product lines and get answers to the public.

Microsoft has some several IAMA chats in the past, and have been very popular. With the Surface Pro 3 announced on May 20th, Microsoft wants to let consumers know more about the Surface Pro 3 line. By putting Panos Panay in front of the public, Microsoft will be letting customers and business customers answer questions on the public, in a very popular and techie type of way.

The Surface Pro 3 is a great new tool. Soon, the Reddit IAMA chat will let consumers know more about it too.

Published: Tuesday, May 27th, 2014 Last Modified: May 27, 2014

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