Surface Firmware Updates Issued By Microsoft

As news about the Surface Power Cover came out earlier this week, Microsoft gave Surface users even more reasons to love their Surface tablets. Microsoft issued a number of system firmware updates for Surface Owners, that should give Surface users a number of reasons to update their tablets.

The updates from Microsoft covered updates that will primarily affect the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets from the company. In the bug fixes, no firmware updates were noted for the Surface RT, but the other Surface units got a number of updates that will be available upon download.

Microsoft Issues Major Firmware Fixes For Surface Tablets

Surface 2 and Surface Pro Updates

The Surface 2 got a number of updates with this system firmware update. It gave them the ability to support the Surface Power Cover, improves multiple finger support on the touchpad, resolves behavior where the Surface wouldn’t wake from sleep, and lastly includes stability and experience improvements.

The first-generation Surface Pros even got some love with updates from Microsoft as well. They got firmware updates that addressed improvements to multiple finger support ont the touchpad, support for the Surface Power Cover, and overall system improvements for the first generation units.

Microsoft Gives Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 Users Lots Of Updates In Firmware Updates

Surface Pro 8.1 OS and Surface Pro 2 Fixes

Surface Pro’s that run on Windows 8.1 though got more improvements that users will notice. From improvements to the wireless network connectivity, improved Miracast support, improved Bluetooth Radio Adapter support, multiple finger support, and support for the Surface Power Cover all were addressed with the update.

Lastly, the second-generation Surface Pro 2’s on Windows 8.1 got a number of improvements with the firmware update. A UEFI update makes it a better experience when using BitLocker which many have had issues with daily. Other improvements include multiple finger support improvements on the touchpad, Marvell adapter improvements for wireless and bluetooth modules, and Intel Display and Audio adapter support. All of these improvements should make the second-generation Surface Pro 2 a much better experience for users.

All of these fixes were needed for the Surface units. It shows that Microsoft is listening to users and issuing fixes to all their Surface units, albeit somewhat slowly. These are all available now.

Published: Wednesday, March 12th, 2014 Last Modified: March 12, 2014

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