Surface Event Planned For May 20th

As Microsoft continues to evolve their mobile platform, the Surface product line continues to evolve as well. With the Nokia purchase gone final, Microsoft is planning a Surface event on May 20th in New York City, which may reveal the brand new Surface for to enjoy.

The yearly event, which matches last year’s Surface event, is slated for May 20th, and is aimed to bring the press together for Microsoft’s latest Surface lineup. Not a lot is known about the next generation of Surface tablets, but rumors around a Mini Surface are being hinted.

Microsoft's Mini Surface Case Rumored On Amazon

Mini Surface Rumors

There have been a number of rumors around the Mini Surface, and a wholesaler released images of cases a few weeks back, with a May 18th release date. The case is still up on Amazon, and this might make the rumors about a Mini Surface be true. It has been talked about since last year, and a real digitalizing pen would be included.

This Mini Surface would include Windows 8.1 Update, and leave more room for files and data, which will be an improvement over the current Surface line of products. Many rumors about the product, its chip-set, and memory capacities have been discussed, but its possible a touch version of Office could be included as well.

Microsoft's Mini Surface Pictures In Rumors And Hinted Online

Does Microsoft Need A Mini Surface?

Many wonder whether or not Microsoft needs a Mini Surface, and the answer is yes. The smaller touch market is huge, and the mini iPad is still the leader. There are a number of touch based 7-inch Windows 8 tablets, but none have the Microsoft name, which could lead to enterprises buying these in the millions for users.

With the Windows 8.1 Update, these tablets would have VPN and other enterprise tools installed, which would make these tablets a huge hit for Microsoft. They would get business users as well onto Windows 8.1, and get it into large corporations with VPN support. If they price it right, and get the specs of the Mini Surface done right, Microsoft could have a huge hit on their hands.

I love the idea of a Mini Surface. A 7-inch Windows 8.1 Microsoft tablet sounds ideal, and we will know more on May 20th.

Published: Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 Last Modified: May 6, 2014

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