Surface 2 With LTE To Arrive On Tuesday Finally

People who love the Microsoft Surface 2 have been wanting one with cellular abilities, as they travel frequently, and getting emails and the web is highly valued by them. On Monday, Microsoft announced that the Surface 2 featuring LTE will be available on Tuesday, to the cheers of many.

With the launch of the Surface 2 with LTE, Microsoft is giving users a powerful Surface 2 machine with LTE abilities. Now, being able to view documents, webpages, and any other metro app while being away from a Wi-Fi connection point will be available for users.

Microsoft Announces Surface 2 With LTE Available On Tuesday

Surface 2 With LTE Specs

The Microsoft Surface 2 with LTE will be available from Microsoft for $679, and have 64GB of built-in storage on it. If you compare that with the WiFi only version, you will notice a $130 premium for that cellular modem, but being mobile with a Surface 2 will be much worth it for business users, students, and mobile professionals.

It compares with the Ipad units from Apple, and the LTE modem will support the AT&T network, including LTE bands 4, 7 and 17, along with 3G UTMS (bands 1, 2 and 5) and regular old GSM (800/900/1800/1900MHz). It will have a 10 hour battery life, and users might be able to sue a T-Mobile SIM in the device as well.

Microsoft Gives Surface 2 Users Cellular Upgrade With Surface 2 LTE Model

Where Available?

The Surface 2 with LTE will be available on Tuesday from Microsoft Stores and Best Buy stores in the US, according to Microsoft. It’s a little odd that AT&T stores on their own will not stock the devices, but it could be a stocking issue, and Microsoft seeing how well this cellular featured unit will sell.

Users will aso get a huge 200GB OneDrive storage promo when they purchase the Surface 2 with LTE for a few years, and also get a year’s worth of Skype WiFi and landline calling, both great promos for mobile users. With a 10.6 inch screen, built-in camera, and full range of applications available for it, the Surface 2 with LTE makes a fantastic mobile tablet. This might cost more from Microsoft, but it will give them an edge over the iPad in many ways for mobile professionals.

I can’t wait to try this unit out. I use LTE everywhere, and a Surface with LTE makes a wonderful upgrade.

Published: Tuesday, March 18th, 2014 Last Modified: March 18, 2014

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