Surface 2 Vs iPad Air Battle Ignites

In an aggressive blog post by Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of Communications, Frank Shaw wrote out the number of reasons why the Surface 2 is better than the newly introduced iPad Air. The differences he pointed out were aimed to get more users interested in the Surface 2.

In his post, Frank Shaw mentioned how he was in Abu Dhabi with the Nokia announcements, but pointed out the vast differences between the two machines, which for the business user and student, can make a huge difference. It was a lengthy post, but well worth understanding.

Microsoft's Frank Shaw Talks About Surface Vs iPad Air Differences

Main Goal Of Surface

One of the first major points that were mentioned by Microsoft’s Frank Shaw was that the Surface during its development was made to have all the needed productively software onboard for users. By including the gold standard in productivity software, otherwise known of Office, users would not have to suffer with third party tools, and have the main Office software onboard the unit.

In addition, the keyboard and trackpad methods used by the Surface are meant to be faster and more precise than the iPad units by Apple. By giving users these tools, they are free to use the Surface in all new ways. Lastly, the Surface as mentioned in the post has the ability to use apps and documents side by side, showing comparisons and analysis, that customers and users want to use in their daily work.

Is The iPad Air The Office Killer, Probably Not

Surface vs iPad Air Differences

With the main points made by Frank Shaw in the post, he then went on to tell the differences between the two units. The first two related to cost and Office 2013. He mentioned that the Surface and Surface 2 were less expensive than the iPad 2 and iPad Air, offer more storage and have the cloud. In addition, he noted that the Surface units come with the full version of Office 2013, and don’t have to rely on third party tools for office productivity.

The other main differences in the units were more physical ones, but important. The Surface units have more native productivity options with kickstands, USB ports, SD card slots, and multiple keyboard options. With interfaces that allow opening multiple windows at the same time, side by side, and layered, the Surface gives users the tools they need to work in the enterprise and at home.

The post is easily the biggest swing at the iPad Air yet, and Frank Shaw used his voice to point out the differences. It’s a great post, and shows why the Surface 2 is for professionals.

Published: Friday, October 25th, 2013 Last Modified: October 25, 2013

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