Surface 2 Pro Gets Speed Updated

Those who have purchased the Surface Pro 2 from Microsoft have given it pretty solid reviews, but the unit has had its issues. A wonky firmware update and some other concerns left users wondering what was next. On Thursday, Microsoft upped the speed on it for the masses.

As reported across the tech blogs on Thursday, Microsoft has quietly updated the Surface 2 Pro speeds that now go up to 1.9GHz versus the 1.6Ghz Intel i5-4200U chip that was inside the previous model. Microsoft confirmed the statement to the press and now units are available for purchase.

Microsoft Updates Processor In Its Surface Pro 2 Units

Surface 2 Pro Bump

What makes the Surface 2 Pro speed bump noticeable is that Microsoft did it without any press attention or blogs catching on. Microsoft admitted that they make small changes to components over the lifetime of a product, and wants to give value to its customers. The speed bump should please those power users who use the Surface Pro 2.

The Surface 2 Pro still has the Intel i5 chipset inside the tablet, but has moved to the i5=4300U chipset versus the i5-4200U chipset in the initial units. What researchers also found were that the new Intel chipset includes the Intel Trusted Execution Technology, which according to Intel improves software security.

Improved Processor And CPU Speed Inside New Surface Pro 2 Units From Microsoft

Why The Bump?

Microsoft is puzzling its Surface Pro 2 fans with this move and did it without anyone knowing it. The product has only been available for two months on the market, and it is unlike a company to issue a hardware update so early in the cycle. But, Microsoft clearly is bucking the trend with this processor improvement.

The refreshed models are slowly working their way into the retail channels including large stores like Best Buy and others. Surely, the Microsoft Store will be stocking these speed bumped Surface Pro 2 units in their stores, and with the US tax season around the corner, it makes a perfect present. With more speed, and better processing power in the Surface Pro 2 units, the tablet from Microsoft will surely get a lot more fans behind it.

I love the Surface Pro 2 and want one for my writing. Now that it has a bump, anyone have $1000 to borrow for it?

Published: Friday, January 3rd, 2014 Last Modified: January 3, 2014

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