Surface 2 Pro Gets Much Needed Fixes

The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 with all of its physical and internal upgrades was a powerhouse out of the gate. But, recent updates from Microsoft made it sluggish and killed battery time. The refreshed update from Microsoft released on Monday fixed the problems that the last update created.

The updated update from Microsoft goes ahead and fixes the bugs that the Surface Pro 2 update did to units in December. Users were filling the Microsoft support forums and Surface fansites with problems and troubles, but got the update that they have been waiting long for.

Microsoft Issues Updates To Surface Pro 2 Units On Monday

What’s In The Surface Pro 2 Update?

In this new January ’14 patch of the December ’13 update, Microsoft made sure that the reduced battery life and unexpected wake-ups that Surface Pro 2 users were experiencing as a result of the updates were having. Users were given a partial remedy by Microsoft, and Microsoft is still taking a look at these updates to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

I think this was a temporary disaster for Microsoft, and angered many Surface Pro 2 fans. It took too long for these updates to come out, and Microsoft didn’t communicate well with owners or users via the web. The company stated that they are working hard to resolve all issues of the December Windows Update, but troubles still exist.

Surface Pro 2 Users Get Much Needed Updates To Fix Battery Life

What Does This Mean For Microsoft’s Tablet Future?

This fix released over the weekend by Microsoft did give users back generally good battery life in their Surface Pro 2 units. But, users still aren’t happy, and for $1000 units they need to be. The Surface Pro 2 is still a test unit from Microsoft and these users are their beta project, and Microsoft needs to make them happier than ever.

I think what this gaffe from Microsoft shows is that designing tablets and tablet operating systems is hard. Updates are harder, and when they go wrong, they can really go wrong. Microsoft should have tested it further at their own level, but also needs to make good with existing Surface Pro 2 owners, either with store credits or anything really.

I have toyed with the Surface Pro 2, but cannot see $1000 on it. I have a tablet, and have a laptop, and with these possible bugs, maybe I see why I waited.

Published: Tuesday, January 21st, 2014 Last Modified: January 21, 2014

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