Support For Windows XP Officially Ended By Microsoft

Windows XP has been one of Microsoft’s most successful products, and is still a piece of software that is run on millions of machines around the world. But with its age, Microsoft officially ended support for Windows XP on Tuesday, and the 2001 operating system nears a virtual end.

With it being a 13 year-old operating system, Microsoft has been offering off and on support for it, and has been urging users to move to Windows 8 and even Windows 7. But, the company issued its last security updates for Windows XP, and on a blog post is urging those to move ahead.

Microsoft Ends Product Support For Windows XP

What To Do If Running Windows XP?

The first thing users should do if still running Windows XP is get a strong security and firewall program. Microsoft offers a Windows Upgrade Assistant to help migrate them to Windows 8.1 as well. Additionally, Microsoft is offering step by step instructions for those to migrate from Windows XP to a newer system.

Additionally, a PC Mover Express program is available which will help users copy files and settings to a new PC. Microsoft also launched a Windows XP End Of Support website, that lists resources to find new PC’s, and tutorials to get users onto Windows 8.1. Most of all, Microsoft is nudging those running Windows XP to upgrade their PC’s.

Microsoft Puts Windows XP Into The Ground With End Of Support Notice

Why End Support For XP?

With the millions of PC’s around the globe still running Windows XP, the question that many have asked is why end support for Windows XP? It’s simply an economic move for Microsoft, and supporting a 2001 operating system makes no sense anymore. It is outdated, and has a number of holes that Microsoft cannot still fix.

For those running Windows XP, they need to buy new machines and upgrade, and it’s that simple. Running on out of date operating system may give them comfort and all that they need, but as Microsoft points out, it creates security and virus holes that many criminals and security experts agree are too dangerous. This should lead to more Windows 8.1 and PC sales hopefully for companies, as Windows XP fades away into the virtual mist.

Windows XP ran thirteen years and was great. It’s still my favorite operating system, and I love it today.

Published: Wednesday, April 9th, 2014 Last Modified: April 9, 2014

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