Super Sunday Empowered With The Power Of Microsoft

As the Super Bowl Sunday ad blitz filled TV screens around the world, Microsoft launched a brand new campaign, and the campaign it aimed to empower those of all ages and groups with Microsoft’s technology. The ad is a very heart warming commercial, but leverages the power of Windows.

The 2:30 commercial which was aired on YouTube and during the Super Bowl Sunday commercial blitz, showcases an ALS patient who uses Microsoft technology to continue living despite disabilities. The commercial goes much more beyond a single person and showcases Microsoft.

Microsoft Showcases Emotional Products During New Commercials

How Microsoft Empowers

What the advertisement shows is how a single patient uses Windows and Surface products to improve his life, alone and with his family. The commercial showcases the single person and describes how he uses the speech recognition software within his personal life and with his family.

The commercial is a first in the series from Microsoft, and shows how doctors use Kinect technology, Skype with children around the globe, and physically challenged people to pursue their dreams and passions. While the words of Microsoft products are mentioned during the commercials in the background, the overall message is more important.

Microsoft Shows Skype And Kinect As Powerful Human Devices

The Microsoft Message

In these commercials, the ideas of Microsoft are simply put out there to understand. All of these ways of outreach and communication are using Microsoft technologies. From the Kinect, to Skype, from the Surface, to Windows. They all help people pursue their dreams and to get people beyond their own comfort levels and to survive longer.

These commercials from Microsoft also show the power of Microsoft engineering and the power of Microsoft. I thought these commercials were very moving, and show how powerful technology, and especially Microsoft truly is. They are definitely inspiring stories of different use cases, but the idea of Microsoft, Windows, Skype, and Kinect are the underlying technologies. These commercials from Microsoft are meant to tug at the heart and get the human emotion going, rather than advertise the individual services or products, and that is a change.

I think these types of commercials from Microsoft are winners. They are human, emotional, and the power of Microsoft.

Published: Tuesday, February 4th, 2014 Last Modified: February 4, 2014

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