Summit on the Summit Expedition Theme

The Summit on the Summit expedition is an expedition that wants to rise global awareness of the clean water crisis. Huh, what clean water crisis, you may think. The fact is that clean water is not available everywhere in the world, there are many places where clean water is needed badly.

Summit on the summit expedition

If you want to help to rise awareness of the crisis, then support this expedition.
One of the expedition members is Jessica Biel, who’s most famous for her role in “The Illusionist”:

Jessica Biel Summit on the Summit

On the official Summit on the Summit website, you can follow the expedition and get in contact with the team. You can also donate something to the expedition (even a small donation of $2 helps to provide 200 liters of clean water for people in need). The website is highly interactive and you even get your very own footstep on the website for donating something.

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Microsoft Windows 7 Theme: Summit on the Summit

Microsoft is a sponsor of the expedition and all of the expedition software comes directly from Microsoft, including Windows 7!
To help arise awareness of the crisis, Microsoft and the expedition team released a desktop theme for Windows 7. If you want to spread the news, let them know of the expedition or put the theme on their desktops.

Windows 7 Summit on the Summit

Download Summit on the Summit Desktop Theme

Download Windows 7 Themes

The summit theme is part of the latest Microsoft themepack. There’s also a dog and cat theme included.

Download Microsoft Windows 7 Themes (December 2009)

Additionally, you can download a Windows Live Messenger Theme: Summit on the Summit

Published: Sunday, December 27th, 2009 Last Modified: December 28, 2009

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