Sucker Punch Review And Dual-Monitor Wallpaper

What I would call a mix of Lord of the Rings, Killzone, Matrix, Fight Club, Watchmen and 300 works exceptionally well in Sucker Punch. If you like the movie, here’s a cool Sucker Punch Dual-Monitor wallpaper.

Suckerpunch Dual Monitor Wallpaper

If you like fantasy/action movies, can’t resist some good CGI and a well-scripted story about perception, then you will surely like Sucker Punch. Oh yea – and the soundtrack is pretty awesome, too (one of the actors, Emily Browning, even created a pretty awesome cover of Sweet Dreams for the movie)

A review of Sucker Punch at IMDB that pretty much sums up how I feel about this movie:

Review from
I recently saw Sucker Punch at an advance screening and thoroughly enjoyed it. To be honest, I am the target demographic here. I’m a guy in his twenties who plays video games and enjoys fantasy movies and action…. but this is a decent film overall. It appeals to my “sensible adult” side that appreciates a good, well written film, with great directing, great acting, and overall good cinematography. It also appeals to my “twenty-something male” side that loves sexy ladies, guns, killer robots, dragons, samurai and swordplay. The abundant CG is stunningly beautiful and doesn’t feel overdone or become visually exhausting like some movies. This movie gets me. and I know that there will be a good number of people who dislike this movie, dismissing it as juvenile, or stupid. who dislike the amount of CGI used in this movie. I don’t care… I love this movie for exactly what it is… a good movie that appeals to me in every way.

Dual-Monitor Wallpaper

Suckerpunch dual monitor wallpaper small
Download Suckerpunch Dual Monitor Wallpaper

Published: Wednesday, August 17th, 2011 Last Modified: June 3, 2013

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