Study Says Only 13% Want To Upgrade To Windows 8 At Launch

UK tech site PC Advisor held a poll of its readers last week and it turns out that only 13% are planning to upgrade to Windows 8.
Study shows low interest in upgrading to Windows 8

PC Advisor Poll Suggests Only 13% Will Upgrade To Windows 8 At Launch

UK technology news source PC Advisor ran a poll last week where they asked their readers about their plans for Windows 8. Of all the people who took the poll, 44% said they had no plans of upgrading to Windows 8. The poll option they chose said “No. I’m sticking with that I’ve got”.

The rest of the results show that about 30 percent plan to upgrade to Windows 8 eventually but then that is an indefinite answer. Only 13 percent of all the people said that they would upgrade at launch. The remaining 17 percent said that they would just upgrade to Windows 8 when they buy a new PC.

About 9 percent of the voters were not really sure about whether they would be upgrading to Windows 8. But about 18 percent clearly stated, “No. My next PC operating system won’t be Windows”. If this is the current trend that Microsoft has to put up with, then the slide in the PC market is just going to continue and Windows 8 won’t realty help anything. However, this is just one poll on one website. Windows currently holds an astounding 92.2 percent market share in the PC operating system segment. So a small ups and downs would not really matter as much.

Windows 8 has so far had a polarizing effect on the market where people either love it or hate it. And there is a small segment of people who pretty much neutral. So only time will tell how the market is going to react when the OS actually launches. For now, the wait is on till June this year when the Release Preview (Release Candidate) launches.

Published: Saturday, April 28th, 2012 Last Modified: April 28, 2012

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