Students Get Free Office 365 Proplus

The Office 365 system of apps from Microsoft has been a wonderful hit for individuals, corporations, and small businesses. But, Microsoft is eagerly going after the education market in a big way, and on Monday, made huge ways to make that happen for students with Office 365 updates.

On Monday, Microsoft announced that all students in the U.S. are eligible for free Office 365 ProPlus accounts from their school, and are able to signup with a self-service sign-up page. This ensures that students get Word, Excel, and all the Office 365 apps.


What Do Students Get?

With the Office 365 ProPlus account, students get the top tier of Office 365 program access for free. They get all the programs like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, and others, plus they also get 1TB of online storage on OneNote for business. This means students can save all the work to the cloud with minimal effort.

This bold move by Microsoft makes students the winners, and gives them top tier access to Office 365 for no charge. The new self-service signup ensures that they have IT managers at the school level who can update, control, and manage their services. This makes sure that students off all age groups get Office 365 as well, and get it for no charge.


Teachers To Get ProPlus Soon

In its announcement on Monday, Microsoft also announced that faculty and staff at the school level will soon be able to get Offce 365 benefits, like their students. By expanding the service to teachers, they get the same level of technology as their students, and gives them the latest version of Office and the related products. It also makes sure that teaches keep up to date with the latest tech trends as well to teach their students.

They will also be able to access Office 365 on the road, while at home correcting papers, and from anywhere. They can access lesson plans, update schedules, prepare homework for the following weeks, and make their teaching lives easier with Office ProPlus. This type of reachout to teachers is great for Microsoft, and makes sure that teachers stay with Microsoft and not drift to Apple and Google’s Chrome systems.

This move by Microsoft is great for students and teachers. It gives them the best of Office for free, and gives them great possibilities.

Published: Tuesday, September 30th, 2014 Last Modified: September 30, 2014

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