Student Discounts For Windows 8 Surface RT Tablets

On Monday, Microsoft made announcements surrounding the educational market and the Surface RT tablets. With the announcement, Microsoft is giving schools, universities, and educators a huge discount on the Surface RT this month.

With the announcement and blog post on its educational blog, Microsoft gave initial announcements and a framework for its upcoming educational offering to teachers, deans, principals, and other educational markets for its Surface RT tablets. By doing this, Microsoft is hoping to bring the Surface RT into more schools this upcoming school year.


Surface RT Tablets As Low As $199

The three main products announced in this premliminary announcement were the 32GB Surface RT tablets. For $199, educators can get the Surface RT tablet. At $249, educators can get the Surface RT with the Touch Keyboard Cover. Finally at $299, educators will be able to get the Surface RT with the Type Keyboard Cover.

Hitting the Education Market Before Fall

It is a clear sign that this move by Microsoft is clearly aimed at getting the Surface RT units into the schools hands for the upcoming Fall school year. This can give schools great Surface RT units at a low price, and affordably price tablets into students hands for under $300 per student, which is much cheaper than a laptop.

While Supplies Last Offer

Microsoft did announce in the initial blog post that this offer is available to most countries in the world, including the US, and has no minimum order need. So, order from 1 to 100 if needed. But, Microsoft is telling schools to get their orders in quickly as they don’t know how many and how quickly they will be selling out of these Surface RT units.

It’s clear that Microsoft is going after Apple with the launch of this tablet for the education market, and by offering at low as $299 with the keyboard, schools will have to really think about their students computing needs for the upcoming year. Is the Surface RT enough for them or do they need a full laptop? As the Surface RT can do all of the Microsoft Office functions along with other applications, this could be the perfect school PC of the near future for students.

Published: Tuesday, June 18th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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