Sticky Notes App For Windows 10 Gets Advanced Features

There are a lot of apps that are bundled into Windows 10, and some of them that many cannot live without. Sticky Notes is one of those that makes my life easier, simply by making notes. Recently, Microsoft has announced updates to this simple app.

Sticky Notes is made by Microsoft, and they’ve updated the app on several occasions since the launch of Windows 10. Their latest updates make the app easier to use, and make Sticky Notes something compelling that many need to try out.

Make Notes Easy With Sticky Notes On Windows 10

Sticky Notes Updates

Microsoft recently made five big updates to the app on Windows 10. The biggest is the ability to capture all notes from the jump list. Second, the front changed from the Segoe UI Emoji to Segoe UI, and it supports kaomjojis now.

Third, text will now be easier to read when resizing notes, as it had issues before. Next, UI adjustments were made to make the app easier to use, and more friendly. Lastly, the app will be speedier at launch, making it easier to use.

Sticky Notes Come To Life WIth Sticky Notes From Microsoft

Make Notes Simply

With the Sticky Notes app now being able to just launch a note right from the taskbar, it should make it a much more popular app for Windows 10 users. This simple addition sounds small, but making notes easier to enter is just that much of a needed improvement.

The newly redone Sticky Notes app is now available from the Windows Store, and the updates are there for users to start trying. The jump list improvement, font and UI improvements, and speed of launch should make Sticky Notes a must have app.

Grab Sticky Notes now if you need. It’s free, and a great Windows 10 app.

Published: Thursday, February 16th, 2017 Last Modified: February 16, 2017

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