Steven Sinofsky Reflects On Windows 8 Ahead Of October Launch

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Windows 8 has been released to manufacturing (RTM), which means we’re twiddling our thumbs until October 26, 2012 arrives – the launch of Windows 8. Steven Sinofsky, of Microsoft, has published a blog post reflecting on the development cycle following the news.

It’s getting a bit sentimental at Microsoft, as Steven Sinofsky reflects on the road to manufacturing

You may have heard the news: Windows 8 has RTM, meaning the upcoming operating system (OS) is finished. Undoubtedly you’ve been using the free Release Preview of the OS religiously so, like Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky, are you excited for the official release of Windows 8?

In the blog post published Wednesday, Sinofsky said the debut of the OS – May 2011 – was described by Microsoft as a reimagining of Windows from the back- to front-end. He said Microsoft is bringing users a new experience, while maintaining 25 years of history, with Windows 8.

It’s certainly striking: users will immediately see Metro, the symbol of the change Microsoft and Windows 8 has undergone. Sinofsky added the pre-launch Developer, Consumer, and Release Previews have been the most used of any Microsoft producer ever. Considering the apparent lukewarm reaction to Windows 8, that’s a great endorsement.

Sinofsky added Microsoft has been open about its development process, delivering in the final build promised refinements. We’ll have to wait until release to see the refinements for ourselves.

Nervous Yet

He added, however, the release of Windows 8 isn’t the final product. It is the beginning, and Microsoft will continue to monitor the OS – the first service pack, or its launch time after release, will signal the state of Windows 8 – and Sinofsky said Windows 8 brings thousands of new features. From the new UI, to storage and connectivity, to Windows RT, to the Windows Store (he didn’t mention the latter).

200 markets will be supported worldwide, and the Windows Store is now open to developers. Developer support is key, as we’ve said before. Personally speaking, developers’ apps will be the most interesting aspect of Windows 8 around launch. Will developers rigidly stick to the Metro UI, or will we see clever use of the Charms bar and gestures (to name a few). Granted the better apps will surface over time, assuming developer support continues.

Windows 8 launches October 26, 2012.


Published: Thursday, August 2nd, 2012 Last Modified: August 2, 2012

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