Steve Ballmer’s Big Personality Matched Only By His 80-Inch Windows 8 Tablet

Giant Windows 8 Tablet Ceo Ballmer
Thought the iPad was too heavy to hold? Try this Windows 8 tablet on for size.

Windows 8 Whiteboard Tablet Will be Available Eventually

There’s an 80-inch tablet that’s being used by Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer, and you can have it. Well, perhaps not, but It was revealed Ballmer doesn’t use a smartphone and Microsoft will be selling the tablet.

And the tablet’s size is justified, as ridiculous as that may sound. It’s used as a whiteboard, instead of his phone and note paper and his hung on his wall, Microsoft’s vice president Frank Shaw told Wired. Does that mean he’s got a massive version of Word open on the document? Is Ballmer playing Starcraft on the 80-inch display?

It’s also going to be sold, though we don’t know how or to whom. It’d be pretty awesome to have a Windows 8 tablet on my wall, effectively serving as a giant TV. Then again, it’ll be running Windows RT for ARM-based devices so it won’t be playing Battlefield 3. If only.

Not for Consumers, but Who Knows in the Future?

Shaw added the device definitely isn’t a consumer item right now due to the size – who could possibly fit the tablet into their home? – but said people will laugh at the idea in two years time that there is a screen that shouldn’t be a computer. I’m not sure my TV is a computer, and I don’t want it to be, but whatever.

The tablet is different to the 80-inch Sharp tablet revealed at CES. Whether apps could reasonably work on the device when Windows 8 goes live, and developers actively submit apps to the Windows Store, is another question entirely. Then again, as Shaw said, this is a device aimed at a very specific market. You’re not going to see tech blogs reviewing this.

Though while the tablet is a definite novelty, and admittedly cool, it’s not something Microsoft should be putting too much effort into. The priority for them is Windows Phone and, more importantly I’d say, Windows 8. And the question is could a resolution of this size even be supported to look good? apps scaled up would be … horrible.

Published: Wednesday, May 30th, 2012 Last Modified: May 30, 2012

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