Steve Ballmer Talks About Exiting Company

During an in-depth interview with the Wall Street Journal on Friday, Steve Ballmer gave an extensive discussion on why he is leaving Microsoft. Why many were puzzled with the decision, it appears as many thought that the board was more in control of Microsoft than Steve Ballmer was.

The very intense and personal interview from Steve Ballmer discusses how the board wanted to push him out and make way for its future. By essentially removing Steve Ballmer from the company, the board would be able to take Microsoft into the next years, without its major head of command.

Steve Ballmer Discusses Microsoft Exit During Interview

Started In January

The interview with the Wall Street Journal discusses how the talks about Steve Ballmer stepping down started on a conference call in January with the board. As the discussion to fight Android and the iPhone was discussed by Ballmer, the head of Microsoft’s board, Jeff Thompson urged the company to move quickly since they weren’t moving anywhere quickly.

As this was laid down by the board, Steve Ballmer wasn’t able to rebuild the company quickly enough to battle and evolve. He stated that the board didn’t essentially push him out as the head of Microsoft, but slowly pushed him and urged him to step down. He discusses his love for the company, but admitted it was too late.

Will Microsoft Evolve With A New CEO?

Microsoft’s Board in Command

While many who have followed Microsoft over the years has known that the stock price and company has been lackluster, the board of directors was really in control. They are the leaders of the company, and guide the future of the company. As Ballmer rolled into May of this year, he started to doubt he could change the company as quickly as they wanted too.

The investors, board of directors, partners, vendors, and customers wanted to see Microsoft quickly adapt and move in new directions. Steve Ballmer admitted that the company needs a new CEO that can shake up the company and move it ahead more quickly than he could. He lives and breathes the company, but even his cheering couldn’t help Microsoft out this time around.

The era of Steve Ballmer will go down in tech history. He is a visionary and one that the tech writers will write about for years, and hopefully Microsoft will not error in its decision to pick a new CEO.

Published: Saturday, November 16th, 2013 Last Modified: November 16, 2013

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