Steve Ballmer Steps Down From Microsoft Board

In more corporate Microsoft news on Tuesday, the Microsoft Board lost one of its members, as Steve Ballmer officially stepped down from the board. His news came as a shock to many who have followed the company, but in a post on the Microsoft site, details his reasons to move on.

In a very touching and lengthy letter addressed to Satya Nadella and the Microsoft Board, Steve Ballmer wrote about his reasons to leave the Microsoft Board. He still remains a dominant shareholder in Microsoft, but won’t have a hand in its operations from now on.

Microsoft Announces Steve Ballmer's Departure From Microsoft Board

Reasons Ballmer Is Leaving

In his post, Steve Ballmer recalled the past six months since his leaving Microsoft, and wants to go on with his post-Microsoft life. He discussed how powerful Microsoft was to him, and the brand for the company, and detailed his need to move on. His talk about the big bets for the cloud and mobile world were discussed as well.

Steve Ballmer stated that his recent purchase of the LA Clippers basketball team mixed with civic contributions, teachings and study will take a larger portion of his time. He states that his Microsoft holdings also are more than anyone and those index funds that are also holding Microsoft shares.

Microsoft Sees Steve Ballmer Leave Board With Steve Ballmer's Post Microsoft Life

Moving Away From Microsoft Board

In his closing paragraphs, Steve Ballmer states that it would be impractical for him to serve on the Microsoft board, and wants to go on with his new life. He will be reaching new classes and be a strong and vocal owner of the LA Clippers basketball team. His leaving the board is also immediate.

He wants to continue living and breathing Microsoft, but realizes that it needs to move on without him on the board. He states that Satya Nadella will lead the company into the future, and build on Microsoft’s future and brand for the global good. It was a surprising mood for many, and one that some had expected and some hadn’t. Either way, Microsoft is a better company with him on or off the board, and his new endeavors await in the future.

Published: Wednesday, August 20th, 2014 Last Modified: August 20, 2014

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