New Steam UI Public Beta – Nice & Clean

Steam, Valve’s digital publishing platform, currently allows everyone to beta test the upcoming new Steam user interface. Some really good changes so far, it’s a clean grey design that is simply nice. Good job Valve!

Steam UI Beta

Participate in Steam UI Beta

1. Click on this link to open your Steam settings page:

2. Next, click on “Change” and select “UI Update” from the dropdown:

Steam UI Beta

3. Steam will restart and you can test the new UI.

Client Changes

According to Valve they changed loads of things in the new client. They changed the rendering engine for example, which is a lot faster now and they improved the overall performance and stability. Also, all games now have their “details” page with a background image. When you first start the new Steam UI, it will take some time before Steam downloaded all of the background pictures and logos. Valve should definitely consider downloading all of the images (or at least the majority of pics) BEFORE the UI change, because without them Steam looks a bit empty and “unfinished”.

Steam UI Screenshots

Published: Thursday, February 25th, 2010 Last Modified: February 25, 2010

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